Pam Marshalla MA CCC-SLP


We are incredibly sad Pam passed away in June of 2015.  She was an inspiration to so many of us.  She was instrumental in getting this website started.  We are forever grateful for her teachings and her mentoring so many of us.  Her work will continue to have an impact on SLPs everywhere.
Pam Marshalla, MA CCC-SLP was a practicing speech-language pathologist for more than thirty years. She worked with children of all ages and ability levels in schools, hospitals, private practices and university facilities. She presented at hundreds of conferences and seminars in the United States and Canada. She founded, and for fifteen years was president of, Innovative Concepts Inc., a continuing education company. Pam was founder and co-chair of the Oral Motor Institute, and for five years she served on the advisory board of the Library of Speech-Language Pathology.

You can visit Pam’s website:

Successful “R” Therapy
Frontal Lisp, Lateral Lisp
Carryover Techniques in Articulation and Phonology
Improving Intelligibility in Apraxia and Dysarthria