Graduate Level University Credit

Portland State University offers a course where the instructor uses courses on this site as part of the curriculum. The credits are graduate level for continuing education purposes, the credits cannot be used toward a degree. 

Current deadline requirements


Quarter Start Finish Deadline to sign up
2017 Winter Quarter
3/19/2017   2/22/2017
2017  Spring Quarter
6/11/2017   5/27/2017



Steps to sign up

1.    Sign up as a student for PSU.   Click here

2.    Pick your class and select how many credits desired.  Available courses are listed below. (When you fill out the form, It’s one line per course, regardless of the number of credits)

Courses offered:
9A8M:  Advances in Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury (1-2 Credits)
9A8N:  Hands-on Strategies for Speech and Occupational Therapies (1-4 credits)
10222:   Hands-on Strategies for Teachers Who Have Special Needs Children in Their Classroom (1-4 credits)

3.    Fill out this form and send it either to our office via mail or email with the form attached.  (Use the PSU course numbers when filling out the paperwork.)

4.  Contact the instructor to discuss your individualized course plan.   Instructor:  Darla Torkelsen, MS CCC-SLP (503-855-3186 or

4.    Purchase your course content from this site.  (You must be a premium subscriber.)

5.    Begin your courses (you can use anything that you have taken within 12 months of the ending date of the quarter you register for) Portland State University will charge you toward the end of the quarter.

Some courses are available for 1, 2, 3 or 4 credit hours.   1 credit hour = 10 hours of instruction, 2 credit hours = 20 hours of instruction, etc.

To get a better description, please click here  and type in Torkelsen as the instructor.