Cheryl Green MS   Cheryl Green MS

Cheryl Green, MS earned an MFA in Performance as Public Practice in 2003 and an MS in Speech and Hearing Sciences in 2009. These two fields are merged to explore how story can be used to break down stigma and barriers and how media access can be a tool for social justice. She creates films with an insider’s perspective of traumatic brain injury and disability, dynamically combining personal narrative with self-advocacy. She served on the Board of BIRRDsong and currently serves on the Board of Disability Art and Culture Project. Cheryl is dedicated to increasing web and media access for people with a range of disabilities, creating Closed Captioning, subtitles, transcriptions of audio, Alt text graphics tagging, audio recordings of written text, and verbal and written image descriptions.

Personal Narrative Film: A Model for Context-Oriented Cognitive Rehabilitation After TBI